onsdag 4 januari 2012

Back then

Rensar bland gamla mail. Vissa har jag sparat i foldrar jag knappt visste att jag hade. Så hittar jag en historia (var kom den ifrån??) som jag har skickat till en kompis. 13 years ago. In a different life. In a different body. In a completely different state of mind. Was that really me? Den är så otroligt dålig, att jag kan inte återge den, men jag minns en annan från den tiden, som jag kanske kan återge. It´s goes a little something like this:

"A man walks in to a bar, carrying a small bag. The man sits down by the bar and places the bag on the bar. He opens the bag and picks up a tiny piano and places it on the bar. He reaches in to the bag again and then places a small man next to the piano. The small man sits down at the piano and starts playing. The bartender looks at the small man.
- Hey, that´s amazing! Where did you get that?
- Oh, I have this wishing stone. You hold it in your hand and rub it and wish for what you want.
- Wow, can I see it?
- Sure.
The man pulls a stone out from his pocket and shows it to the bartender.
- Would you like to use it?
- Of course!
The stone shift hands and the bartender starts rubbing it.
The entire bar in jampacked with ducks. There are ducks all over the place, covering everything.
The bartender looks confused:
- Heeyy...I didn´t ask for a million ducks...I asked for a million bucks!!
- Oh, right, I forgot to tell you; the stone is a little hard of hearing. You didn´t really think I asked for a 12 inch PIANIST, did you?"

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